Welcome to my homepage!

I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Jana Michel, née Thrum. I am a lawyer and provide legal advice services of high quality and practice-oriented solutions, that aim at your needs.


My main focus is on family law, in which I can represent you competently and yet with heart. I have successfully passed the course to be a specialized lawyer for family law.


My occupation spans not only counsel as well as drafting contracts and opinions of experts but also out-of-court negotiations, litigation and foreclosure. During the process I always have your interests in mind.


By regularly attending continued education in the fields of law I practice, it is self-evident, that I am always “up to date”. 


As a good lawyer I cannot be an expert in all subject areas. Thus I gladly recommend a capable colleague in those matters, that are not within my occupation.


If you are concerned about the expenses, please call me. Usually there are quick and uncomplicated answers to these kinds of questions.  You can also obtain my advice on questions concerning the profitability of lawyer and court fees in relation to the probable outcome of the legal dispute.


I am happy to counsel you in a personal appointment.


Jana Michel, née Thrum

Attorney at law